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For Most People,
Everyday Life is Stressful

  • Unfulfilling jobs/careers
  • Difficult (or non-existent) Relationships
  • Personal Losses and Major Life Changes
  • Financial Problems
  • Lack of Purpose and Meaning in Life
  • (and the list goes on and on……)

Feeling Stressed Out or Stuck in a Rut?

A Life Coach can help you break free!

Coaching is about moving someone from where they are today, to where they want to be. Life Coaching is a Creative Process that can help you…….

  • Find Clarity and Balance in your life
  • Navigate Life Changes and Transitions
  • Learn skills and strategies to Manage Stress
  • Plan and prioritize Action Steps to move you forward
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and mental blocks
  • Establish boundaries that lead to Personal Empowerment
  • Find Meaning in Life as you align with your Life Purpose

About Ron Demonet

After spending 40+ years in the Corporate World, I knew I wanted (and needed) to start a new chapter in my life.  I found the day-to-day grind of that world could be stimulating and financially rewarding, but never really satisfying.  I always found that personal satisfaction came when I was giving of myself to others—family, friends, and my community.  (I now find that I am not alone with these feelings….most people feel the same way!)

After years of trying to find purpose and meaning in the outside world, I now realize the only way to find true purpose and meaning is by looking within yourself.  It was a real “Aha! Moment” in my life, and that led me to Life Coaching.

I have real-world, practical experience that I draw from to understand what others are going through.  I know the trials and tribulations of everyday life—a stressful job, taking care of a family, paying the bills, being a parent, being a spouse, being an employee, being an employer, and navigating difficult relationships.  I also know about loss and change—losing a spouse, losing a job, uprooting and moving to a new area, and starting a new life.

I am now retired from the business world.  I am a Certified Life Coach and love working with people who want/need a little coaching as they navigate life.  It is really satisfying to see that “Aha! Moment” on someone’s face when they realize something new about themselves and learn that We Have The Power to make our own lives better.  This is my new chapter in life and I am loving it!

Explore Coaching Options

Private Coaching Sessions

In a one-on-one, confidential setting (in-person or virtually), we will explore your personal concerns and challenges, and connect to your own internal guidance system to gain clarity around how to move forward in life to achieve your goals.  It starts with a complimentary 30-minute session (again in-person or virtually) to meet one another, ask questions, and see if working together is something we want to pursue.  If so, we will schedule future Coaching Sessions which are approximately 55-minutes in length.

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Corporate Coaching

In any organization, your people are your most valuable assets!  People perform their best when they are inspired, motivated and happy.  I take a holistic approach to Corporate Coaching by helping your key people find balance and satisfaction in all aspects of their lives….not just work.…but this translates into people being more inspired, motivated and happy at work.  It is a win-win for everyone!  I spend a day at your office (9:00 am to 4:00 pm) and provide individual sessions for up to six of your staff during that time.  Scheduling is flexible according to your requirements—as often as once a week to just once a month.

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